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iManage Drive Enables Easy Off-Line Access, Broader Adoption of iManage Work

New add-in offers more ways for professionals to access and leverage documents stored in the industry's leading Work Product Management system, even when offline.

iManage, the company dedicated to transforming how professionals work, today announced iManage Drive, a new add-in for iManage Work that enables professionals to manage documents inside iManage Work as easily as if it’s a hard drive. iManage Drive appears just like a local drive in Windows Explorer and Mac Finder allowing users to access the secure iManage repository and perform sophisticated file operations easily and rapidly in a familiar environment - all while still maintaining the document security and control firms desire. We have a diverse user base with different styles of working.” Ross Forgione, CIO, Johnson Winter & Slattery. “With iManage Drive, users that might have been hesitant to use a document and email management system can now take advantage of the power and security of iManage through a familiar file system interface. We also have paralegals and other power users who want to perform bulk operations that would find a file system interface more efficient. A key feature of iManage Drive is the ability to select projects or matters for off-line access and sync. Files associated with these matters are automatically downloaded and kept synchronised with iManage Work. With iManage Drive, users working off-line or with a poor internet connection always have access to the latest versions of their documents and work product. Data and metadata alike are encrypted at rest and in motion, ensuring protection of sensitive information if a device is lost or stolen. Our attorneys work from client sites and courtrooms where internet access may be limited or restricted.” said Barry Steinberg, IT Director, Young Conaway. “With iManage Drive, these attorneys would always have access to their critical work product when or where needed. If a user knows how to use a network drive, they already know how to use iManage Drive.” said Shawn Misquitta, Vice President of Product Management, iManage. “iManage Drive is an important part of our strategy to improve user adoption. By eliminating the need for any change in user behaviour, iManage Drive overcomes resistance to adoption from users that currently use network drives. iManage Drive is also accessible from any authoring or collaboration application, across Windows or Apple Mac PC's advancing our version of iManage for everyone. iManage Drive is currently slated for release in Q4 2018. Contact us for more information about availability and pricing.

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