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iManage Seminar Series 2018

The fundamental axiom driving iManage is the fact that technology is continuously playing a bigger and more advanced role in all organisations that offer customised, knowledge-based services to clients. This means that law firms, accounting consultancies, financial services companies, government agencies and corporate legal departments are all facing what is now often described as a “digital transformation challenge,” where legacy solutions are not sufficient to influence required changes.

To help meet this challenge, iManage has steered its long-term development efforts to focus on four pillars, which research reveals to have the most impact on facilitating change: Improving the user experience, improving the ownership experience, optimising security, and using artificial intelligence to create a man-machine partnership, where AI technology not only enables knowledge management, but also takes care of mundane tasks, freeing workers to concentrate on strategic initiatives – all with the goal of enhancing the practice and business of professional services firms today.

Digital Transformation requires that firms:

Work More Productively, Work Smarter and Work Safer

While the iManage solution portfolio is still designed to help professionals securely access, share, and leverage information, however, and wherever they work, iManage is investing in a larger vision to expand benefits to customers, while vigilantly reducing costs and improving efficiencies and options for the iManage Cloud.


We invite you to join us at one of our breakfast seminars

Monday, October 29, 2018  - Auckland, New Zealand

  • Sofitel Auckland 21 Viaduct Harbour Avenue Auckland, New Zealand 1010 9:30am: Registration 10am – 12:30 Presentations followed by Q&A BREAKFAST will be served


Wednesday, October 31, 2018 - Melbourne, Australia

  • Melbourne Marriott Hotel Corner Exhibition &, Lonsdale St Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia 8:30am: Registration 9am – 11:30 Presentations followed by Q&A BREAKFAST will be served


Friday, November 2, 2018 - Sydney, Australia

  • Hyatt Regency Sydney 161 Sussex Street Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia 8:30am: Registration 9am – 11:30 Presentations followed by Q&A BREAKFAST will be served


Monday, November 5, 2018 - Perth, Australia

  • Pan Pacific Hotel 207 Adelaide Terrace Perth, Australia 8:30am: Registration 9am – 11:30 Presentations followed by Q&A BREAKFAST will be served

Agenda Items include:
> The Independent iManage Three+ Years Later: Company Update
> Winning End Users (and IT!) with the Launch of Work 10.2: Design, Performance, Ubiquity:
  • Tools for accelerated user adoption and lower total cost of ownership

    • Apple Mac support and Google Gmail integrations

    • Mobility advancements: iPad email filing & annotations

    • Using iManage Drive in Windows Explorer and Mac Finder

    • Automatic updates

> The Time to Move to the Cloud May Be Now!
  • Taking full advantage of modern Cloud technology

  • Enterprise-grade security

  • Enhanced Cloud SLAs: Performance, uptime, global access/scale

> Navigating Security, Risk Mitigation & Governance in a Complex Compliance Landscape
  • Development of new risk & compliance management capabilities with the acquisition of Elegrity

    • iManage Conflicts Manager

    • iManage Business Intake Manages

  • Advanced Threat detection & mitigation: Taking action on alerts; predicting employee departures

  • Expanding security policy management with policy exemptions, legal holds, in addition to need-to-know security and walls

> The Man-Machine Partnership: Practical Applications of AI
  • How can AI solutions fit within your practice?

  • What it takes to support an AI environment

  • Mining Content: Auto-classification, Clause Extraction, PII Identification

  • Knowledge Management: What “SEARCH” can’t find

> iManage’s Strategic Response to Today’s Market Changes: Meeting the Digital Transformation Challenge
  • Looking to The Future: The Roadmap Direction -- Where is iManage Innovating & Investing?

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