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iManage Seminar Series 2019

Is change worth the investment? Technology continues to have a bigger impact on all organisations that offer customised, knowledge-based services to clients. Law firms, accounting consultancies, financial services companies, government agencies, and corporate legal departments still face the “digital transformation challenge,” where legacy solutions are not sufficient to influence the type of change required in today’s competitive landscape. Evidence shows that firms must deliver more innovative services to their clients and modernise their operations to become more agile if they want to address challenges faster and capitalise on new opportunities.

While iManage’s solution portfolio is designed to help professionals securely access, share and leverage information however and wherever they work, ongoing development efforts focus on areas that have the most impact on facilitating change: Improving the user and ownership experienceoptimising security, and incorporating artificial intelligence to create a human-machine partnership.

OIA invites you to join us as we introduce important updates to the iManage solution portfolio designed to help users securely access, share and leverage information while working the way they want to work.

Work More Productively | Work Smarter | Work Safer

Highlights of the Agenda Include: 
  • Practical Collaboration Developments: Introducing iManage Tracker: Task management in the context of your content

  • Getting to Work 10: Why change is worth the investment

  • iManage Cloud Momentum:

    •   What’s the advantage of migrating to the iManage Cloud?

    •   Getting to the Cloud: Proven migration tools & methodologies

  • Achieving Pervasive & Unobtrusive Security in a Complex Compliance Landscape

    • Addressing Data Loss Prevention + Digital Rights Management

    •  How Need-to-know Security can co-exist with Knowledge Management

  • Unlocking Knowledge: The Human-Machine Partnership Evolves with New Approaches, New Discoveries + New Plans

  • Looking to The Future: The Roadmap Direction -- Where is iManage Innovating & Investing?

    • How soon can Machine Learning-based filling assistants start helping professional workers?


Wednesday, November 20, 2019 - Perth, Australia

  • Four Points by Sheraton 707 Wellington Street Perth WA 6000 7:30 am: Registration 8:00 am – 10:00 am Presentations followed by Q&A BREAKFAST will be served


Friday, November 22, 2019 - Brisbane, Australia

  • McCullough Robertson Level 11, 66 Eagle Street Brisbane City QLD 4000 8:00 am: Registration 8:30 am – 10:30 am Presentations followed by Q&A BREAKFAST will be served

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