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OIA Business Continuity Statement

To our Valued Clients,
In recent days we have received a large number of inquiries regarding OIA’s business continuity preparedness and procedures in place to deal with the current COVID-19 outbreak.
Whilst we appreciate clients needing to understand our position and ensure OIA is able to continue to deliver services, we are unable to respond to individual questionnaires.  We are however able to provide the following statements in relation to our current position:
OIA employs a combination of cloud and on-premise solutions that aid in the supply of our services to customers.  All of the solutions in use have industry best practice security and redundancy in place to ensure their ongoing operation.
OIA has redeployed our work force such that our consulting and support teams have been split to work both remotely and dispersed geographically to ensure we continue to be able to operate in a business-as-usual footing from multiple locations across Australia, including Perth, Sydney and Melbourne.
Given the redundancy built into our systems and measures taken to minimise our teams exposure to COVID-19, we do not foresee any major disruption to our services.
Stephen Litton
Managing Director
Office Information Australia
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