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OIA to host a Special iManage Seminar

Pan Pacific Hotel Perth - Monday, 11 December 2017 from 8:30am The landscape of information management continues to change, driven by innovations in cloud technology, emerging security threats and increased client and regulatory demands. The requirement to “produce more with less” remains a pervasive theme in the industry, driving interest in practical applications of AI to reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

There is clear need to: Work More Productively, Work Smarter and Work Safer. We invite you to join us as we introduce important updates to the iManage solution portfolio designed to help users securely access, share and leverage information, however and wherever they work.

> Work More Productively - With User-centric design, reduced complexity and increased agility

> Work Smarter - With advanced analytics, machine learning and AI incorporated into daily tasks

> Work Safer - With threat detection, need-to-know security and governance processes to reduce risk

Balancing productivity (co-authoring, file sharing, mobile access, easy collaboration) with security & governance is essential for professional services firms. Technology tools in the business environment must be increasingly powerful and useful to compete effectively with consumer alternatives and to ensure that they align with and “win” the end-user, whether delivered on-premises or in the Cloud.

Coupled with the mandate to manage risk is the demand for improved and meaningful data analytics, machine learning, and the incorporation of AI technologies to advance the industry. These topics shape iManage’s roadmap, as we address fundamental challenges and changes, prioritizing our innovation investments for the greatest value to our customers.

Agenda Items include:
> The Independent iManage Two+ Years Later: Company Update > Winning End Users Faster: Moving to the next chapter with Work 10.1
  • Tools for accelerated user adoption and lower total cost of ownership - The Ownership Experience: Control Center Advancements - The User Experience: Work 10.1, Collaboration, Mobility

> What Can the Modern Cloud do for You?
  • Taking full advantage of modern Cloud technology

  • Required service levels for performance, reliability, scale

> Defending Against Today’s Security Threats
  • Addressing new security threats and changing client & regulatory requirements for information protection - Threat detection using advanced machine learning & AI - Managing need-to-know security and walls

> Demystifying AI – Practical Applications
  • Bringing AI technology mainstream with the RAVN platform

> iManage’s Strategic Response to Today’s Market Changes & Current Industry Trends: The Why behind our investments
  • Looking to The Future: The Roadmap Direction -- Where is iManage Innovating & Investing?

> See Workflows Integrated with iManage


Monday, 11 December 2017

Pan Pacific Hotel

207 Adelaide Terrace, Perth

8:30am: Registration

9:00am – 11:30am: Presentations followed by Q&A

Breakfast will be served.

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