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The Wrap: iManage ANZ Seminar Series 2018

Now that the roadshow has finished up after a great session in Perth, it’s time to reflect on all the presentations, forums and discussions we’ve had over the last week. From discussions with both iManage customers & partners, I found there was some strong common topics that everyone was buzzing about…  

  1. Practical AI & Content-Aware Systems - the iManage RAVN team have come a long way since last year and it's becoming clear to us what the RAVN capabilities are, where we can apply these in standalone applications as well as some real world ideas for enabling RAVN content-aware AI inside the iManage DMS platform. The iManage community is seeing this too and the number of specific queries we're getting in this area supports that.

  2. Cloud Security & Maturity - the iManage Cloud is maturing and certainly gaining momentum with iManage controlled data centres around the globe. The scale and uptake of the iManage Cloud (even in APAC) is surfacing the confidence customers have in the cloud today. The security certifications are starting to tick a lot of boxes as well for those industries where compliance is essential.

  3. iManage Drive - nearly everyone I spoke to at every event was curious about iManage Drive and the problems that it will solve both today and the road map around better offline capabilities. Our customers really wanted to get into how the Drive solution works to start fitting it into their toolkit.

  4. iManage Update Agent - the new feature of auto updating desktop software was met with both open arms and cautious reserve. For those in the very interested group, the idea of being able to deploy and update Work 10 desktop software automatically had a lot of heads nodding in the audience.

  5. Engagement & Feedback - my team and I had many meaningful and well received conversations about product features and gaps as well as deeper discussions around enablement and delivery with the iManage team while they were here. We're confident that the feedback we've delivered will lead to improvements in products and processes that are relevant to us and our customers.

There were of course many other important and exciting topics covered, including Work 10.2 and future road maps, RAVN Indexer for Work, inbuilt annotation in the iPad app (future), Threat Manager, Security Policy Manager, iManage Insight, Classify & Extract and of course the Elegrity platform. Time to get busy!!

For further information about anything covered in the iManage ANZ Seminar Series, please contact us.

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