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We've Rebranded

As OIA enters its 31st year of business, we recognise the changing landscape of Information Technology and the enduring need to remain highly agile in addressing our customer’s needs.

Over the journey we've seen many technology trends come and go, and it is incumbent upon us to keep ahead of the curve to ensure we are delivering modern solutions to address the challenges our customers face today and into the future. As such the profile and capabilities of OIA continue to evolve.

At the core of it, our key objective remains the same - assisting customers with their Digital Modernisation in whatever guise that takes.

For many, that is a move of core infrastructure and applications to the cloud, the enabling of remote working environments for an increasingly mobile workforce needing secure access, any time, utilising reliable unified communications to provide a seamless experience for dispersed users and their customers.

This changing landscape has seen our traditional Information Technology and Information Management businesses converge.

Never before has it been more important for your solution provider to be proficient across the entire technology stack. Modern security deployed across enterprise solutions (both on-prem and cloud) dictates a requisite knowledge of the underlying technologies that power these.

"The new OIA logo is a graphical representation of the convergence of our traditional infrastructure and Information Management teams, working closer than ever to design, implement and support your entire technology stack. The intersecting circles also represent the strong partnership that OIA forms with all its customers whilst on their digital transformation journey." - Stephen Litton, Managing Director.
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