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Workflow Solutions Newsletter December 2018

Getting Started with Business Process Automation (Workflow)

Getting started with Workflow is always a challenge. Here are some pointers as to what other Clients have done using the WorkflowGen workflow engine. Large Professional Firms – approval processes and policy settings Manufacturers – product mix and Quality Control Universities – Student services Management Services – Managing Contracts and Suppliers In APAC, it's KPMG, Abbott Manufacturing, Toshiba, Bond University and many other leading organisations who trust WorkflowGen for their business-critical processes. Internationally, it's clients like Comcast, Deloitte, and Mitsui. Click here for examples of successful workflow projects, customer stories and ideas. Whether it’s Replacing Paper Forms, Speeding up Decision Processes, Getting Management Visibility over actions and plans with Dashboards or Reports, or ensuring you can show Compliance with Policy, your organisation should be considering Workflow as a means to these ends. More Information > See Case Study on using WorkflowGen as an ‘Orchestration Engine’. > See Short Video of what Workflow can eventually deliver for you in your business.  Contact us if you would like to speak to a workflow specialist.

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