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IM Highlights June 2018

iManage Audit Reminder

As per the attached correspondence, our iManage Audit Form was due back on the 15th of June. This form is part of a survey iManage is conducting to gather qualitative insight regarding your implementation of iManage solutions and to verify your current license entitlements, therefore it is important for it to be filled out and returned to us at If you require assistance with filling out the form, please contact your OIA Account Manager.


Upgrading to iManage Work 10

If you are planning your iManage Work 10 upgrade, there a wealth of information available to guide you through this process.  You can also contact OIA to assist. Please see below some useful resources from iManage which will help to ensure a smooth upgrade. a) Webinar - Planning and deploying Work 10: Design, Upgrade Strategy, Architecture, and More

This webinar covers the upgrade process, architectural and design considerations, best practices and lessons learned, common pitfalls and feature comparison.

b) Guide - Upgrading to iManage Work 10  

This guide outlines the Upgrade Story, the Evolutionary Approach, Resources and how to upgrade from iManage Work 8.x/9.x to Work 10

c) Additional Resources

The new Work 10 Online Guides section in Help Center contains product resources published in article form instead of PDF copies (making the content fully searchable) and a collection of new iManage Work resources including: > Upgrading to iManage Work 10 - The official iManage Work 10 upgrade guide > Example smoke test procedures for iManage Work 10 upgrades - A set of smoke test procedures to help you start to familiarize yourself with iManage Work 10 and to test basic functionality in your implementation > Integrating iManage Share with iManage Work - A complete, end-to-end guide to integrating iManage Share with iManage Work > iManage Work 10.x Supported Platforms - Compatibility matrices for iManage Work 10.x servers and clients


iManage Support Options Available from OIA

OIA provide a number of iManage support packages, including software maintenance, 24x7 support, Premium Support Agreements and Extended Services Agreements. Contact us and your account manager can review these options with you to ensure you are maximising the benefits of your iManage environment. OIA Support Standard Hours Our support desk is available 8am – 6pm local time (all Aust states). How to Contact OIA Support Email: Phone: 08 6140 1847 (dedicated support number) or 08 9223 1700 (Perth office). 

Note - 24x7 customers should contact OIA to confirm their 24x7 dial-in.


ACS WA State Conference 2018 

Jeff Andersen (Solutions Director - OIA) was proud to be selected for the Voted Speaker Stream at this month's ACS WA State Conference 2018. He had the opportunity to explore how AI and machine learning technologies are affecting the information management industry and in particular share some specific solutions where we are putting AI to work for our customers. The key topics covered were automation & auto-classification, mining meaning from already stored documents & emails, and protection of content with threat detection - all leveraging the power of AI. The ACS conference attracts all levels of IT professionals from many industries and it was a pleasure to be a part of it. If you are interested in learning more on the concepts Jeff covered, please contact us.


Summit Fertilisers Case Study

OIA has released a new case study on the deployment of Duo 2-Factor Authentication at Summit Fertilisers, and how it has helped to improve their security. Read the full case study here


Recent iManage releases 

> iManage Work 9.3.5 Desktop Clients – FileSite and DeskSite

> iManage Work Mobility 10.1.3 for iOS - available in the App Store

> iManage RAVN Extract 3.1.2 (NOTE: Access to iManage RAVN Extract resources requires iManage RAVN Extract license ownership)  

> Threat Manager 1.1.2 (NOTE: Access to the Threat Manager release and documentation is subject to your license purchases)  


Upcoming iManage releases 

> iManage Work Indexer powered by RAVN - Target release: End of July 2018 > iManage Work Communications Server for Exchange 10.1 - Target release: End of July 2018 > iManage Work Desktop for Mac 10.1.3  - Target release: End of June 2018 Stay up to date with the release information by following the Release Announcements page here.


iManage Work Tips and Tricks

Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) certificate rollover

By default, AD FS automatically rolls token-signing certificates over by generating a new certificate and promoting the new certificate as the primary.  Once the token-signing certificate has been updated on the AD FS side, users will NOT be able to login to the iManage environment using AD FS until the certificate is updated on the Work Server, in the location referenced in the SAML Key File registry key.  If you want to avoid issues with the automatic rollover process, you can do so by disabling the AutoCertificateRollover feature on the AD FS server - this will make updating the token-signing certificate a manual process.  See the following article for instructions.

Microsoft Edge configuration requirements to use Office actions in iManage Work 10.1 and higher

Browsers Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox attempt to contact iManage Work Agent running on port 17870. This network connection is called a Loopback connection and in Windows 10 there is a security sandbox that prevents some applications from making such Loopback connections and some versions of Microsoft Edge enforce this Loopback, while others do not. This prevents the iManage Work 10.x web application from communicating with iManage Work Agent on desktop client workstations, and therefore renders some menu action items (e.g  Print, Compare, Take Offline) unavailable if the web application detects (incorrectly) that iManage Work Desktop for Windows 10.x is not installed on the workstation. The following technote has instructions to make the Microsoft Office actions available in iManage Work for use with Microsoft Edge.

“Port 17870 is in use by another user” error when running iManage Work Desktop for Windows 10

In 10.1.1, a new Windows service named 'iManage Work Agent Web Service' was added to handle communication between the iManage Work client and the iManage Work Agent. This adds support for installing on machines that host multiple users (e.g. Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) and Citrix terminal server environments) and will prevent the “Port 17870 is in use by another user” error.  To install Work Desktop for Windows 10.1.1 or higher in a multi-user environment with the new Windows service, use the following command and then follow the standard installation prompts to complete the installation:

"iManage Work Desktop for Windows.exe" IWASERVICE=1

For further information on any of the above, please contact OIA on +61 8 9223 1700 or

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