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OIA Customers - Planning for iManage Classic Clients End of Life (EOL)

In our last newsletter (OIA IM Highlights September 2021) we included some information from iManage regarding the End of Support and End of Life for the Classic Clients (including FileSite/DeskSite), IDOL Indexer, and iManage FileShare.

iManage has also announced that in iManage Cloud, the COM API will be End of Life towards the end of 2022.

If you're already in iManage Cloud or have transitioned to iManage Work 10 Server and Desktop, you may have desktop integrations or 3rd party desktop apps, server integrations or 3rd party server apps that continue to depend on Classic Clients and/or the older COM API. These will need to be transitioned to new versions or new solutions that will be supported by the iManage Work Universal API after the Classic Client and COM End of Life.

Some examples include:


  • PDF authoring apps that use classic integration

  • Practice management workflow tools that use classic integration

  • Microsoft Office using classic integration toolbars (conservative mode)

  • iCommands for FileSite/DeskSite integration


  • iManage utilities i.e user sync, workspace generation, monitoring, and management

  • 3rd party utilities i.e workspace creation, security management, document importing/exporting

  • Custom-developed integrations

It's recommended that all iManage customers (both cloud and on-prem) look to transition all utilities, 3rd party integrations, and customisations to the iManage Universal API. With our long-term knowledge and experience with both iManage and 3rd party vendor applications, OIA is uniquely placed to help our customers identify, advise, budget, plan, and transition to ensure they can continue to get the most out of their iManage solutions.

Our account management and support teams are ready to start navigating these changes with you soon. Contact OIA today to find out more.

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