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OIA Workflow Solutions Newsletter October 2017


OIA’s workflow solutions automate processes and improve business outcomes. Using our knowledge and experience there is the opportunity to find the right solution to meet your requirements. To see what our customers are using Workflow for, click here. OIA can provide solutions which will improve efficiency and eliminate many of the existing out-dated manual processes. These can result in cost reduction and improved control. By automating or creating an electronic workflow you can go above and beyond your current business processes.


Upgrades at Daikin Air Conditioning

Daikin Air Conditioning Singapore, a long-term user of the workflow solution WorkflowGen, has recently upgraded to the latest version. This was accomplished in a Workshop with Daikin and OIA staff.


Document Signing Systems - Growing Interest 

There is growing interest in the market for signing and signature systems to accompany Workflows where formal approval is required. Documents leaving professional firms for signature by clients or third parties are becoming an important daily practice. OIA are constantly reviewing the various options in this growing market and can assist with relevant advice for most businesses. To see an example of the integration between iManage DMS and the DocMinder workflow see iManage Contract Management with DocuSign.


Amcor Packaging trains their team in Victoria

Recent training with Amcor Packaging in Victoria for technical and non-technical staff was completed successfully. Training agendas included Portal features, data collection, and sub-processes in the product manufacturing and assembly division.  


Recent Sales Integrated with iManage - Accounting Industry 

WorkflowGen is fast becoming the standard for workflows integrated with the iManage Document Management system. Recent sales include several of the leading names in the Accounting Industry in New Zealand and a leading Accounting firm in Sydney.

Applications for Accountants include:

> Document Routing and Approval

> Policy and resource provisioning

> Cash reimbursements


Other Workflow Sales in APAC region 

OIA's reseller, Pacific Well Consultants Limited, based in Hong Kong, has secured a sale of Workflow to Excelpoint Systems (H.K.) Limited (headquartered in Singapore), based on WorkflowGen's capability to integrate with SAP. OIA also recently delivered a system to Toshiba-Tec Malaysia Manufacturing Sdn Bhd in Malaysia.


Free Workflow trial system 

For a limited time, Advantys has extended the special 'free workflow' offer in the Pacific area. This means that a prospective customer can download a free copy of the entire WorkflowGen suite and run one free workflow. Users of iManage also receive a copy of the integration between WorkflowGen and iManage free of charge for that one workflow. Customers so far have opted to trial workflows such as Cash Reimbursement and document routing and approval workflows. For the technically minded, see the latest 4-minute video on WorkflowGen features here. 

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