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IM Highlights September 2017

Melbourne Content Management Leaders Roundtable

On September 5th OIA and iManage sponsored a Content Management Leaders Roundtable Luncheon at the Sheraton on Little Collins Street.  It was a very well-attended event, everyone contributed to a lively discussion.

Work 10 held centre stage and OIA’s rethink.transform. initiative was very well received. iManage Share, Threat Analytics and Security Policy Manager had everyone taking notes.  It was agreed by all that these additions to Work 10 delivered a powerful suite of tools to combat content loss.

The event was also a great networking opportunity, many business cards were exchanged and no doubt numerous LinkedIn connection requests were sent.  Clearly the event's informal format that was light on PowerPoint and heavy on conversation was a real winner.

OIA will be running similar events in the future and welcome your expressions of interest in joining us.  Alternatively, our highly experienced consultants are available to speak with you one on one.


iManage Work Server 10.0.2 

iManage Work Server 10.0.2 was released in last month. It includes a number of exciting new features including:

> A new iManage Preview Server, providing enhancements to search highlights and email rendering

> Client Setup tab, used to create centralized configurations for the iManage Work 10 client applications

> Support for restoring all the versions of the deleted document or the latest version

> Enhancements to Reports, and Flexible Folders, and for managing Ad hoc workspaces

A number of updates have also become available since the 10.0.2 release - please click here.  If you would like assistance or more information about upgrading to this release, please contact OIA.


Prevention and Recovery from Ransomware / Wiperware

With the increasing threat from phishing and ransomware attacks, iManage has published an article which provides a guide to prevention and security guidance and recovery following an attack.


ConnectLive 2017 Sessions

Videos on a number of topics from the iManage user conference are now available here. This includes one for iManage RAVN, an artificial intelligence technology for organising, discovering and summarising content, which will soon be the backbone of a number of the iManage software suites.


Trinkor Case Study

OIA has released a new case study on the deployment of iManage Work at Trinkor Global Source & Supply, which improved efficiency metrics within 12 months. Read the full case study here


Recent iManage Work releases 


Upcoming iManage Work releases 


iManage Work Tips and Tricks When installing and configuring iManage Work 10.0.2, one database must be configured with the Web Content option so users can connect through web applications like iManage Control Center.  This is covered in the iManage Work 10 Server Installation Guide. AD Filtering can be used to target AD users and groups in DS Sync to provide granular control over which users and groups are imported into an iManage environment.  Example filters can be found here. When a user is renamed in Active Directory, it may not synchronise to a new userid in Database Administration because the Active Directory ID (K1synchID) is already linked to the original iManage Work UserID via the SYNCH_ID value in the DOCUSERS table.  Steps for clearing the link between the existing iManage Work user and AD user, and renaming the old iManage Work UserID to the new iManage Work UserID are here

For further information on any of the above, please contact OIA on +61 8 9223 1700 or

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